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"Blue Grosbeak"
  • "Blue Grosbeak"



    A male Blue Grosbeak in full breeding plumage before a loose pale background. 


    Grosbeak literally translates to Large Beak and it's easy to see why. These are often easier to hear than to see but they're a treat when you do! Want to know more about them? Visit


    This piece is a derivation based on an original photo by Jodi Powell-Newell. Unrestricted license was granted to use the image for reference to create this original copyrighted work.


    This original painting is:

    • a handmade item
    • 8"x8"
    • painted on a flat (1/8" deep) gessobord panel
    • signed by the artist
    • ready to ship


    * NOTE: Image colors may vary somewhat from the original due to natural display differences in computer monitors

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