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"Fire in the Sky"
  • "Fire in the Sky"



    Autumn Sky at Sunset with golds, dark violets and blues.

    I loved the colors and unusual cloud patterns in this evening sky.


    This original painting is:

    • a handmade item
    • 16" x 20"
    • painted on stretch canvas (1/2" deep) 
    • signed by the artist
    • ready to ship


    * NOTE: Image colors may vary somewhat from the original due to natural display differences in computer monitors


    Colorful Sky by Trevor Comway
    Shimmering colors of
    gold, pink, and blue
    fill up the sky
    to welcome the
    empty moon.

    Colors so clear
    to the human
    eye. Colors so pure
    to fill our sky.

    The last glimpse
    of beauty before
    the darkness unfolds.
    Beauty so tremendous
    to behold.

    Keep it long.
    Keep it bright.
    Do not forget the sight
    before the darkest night

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