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Puffin Love
  • Puffin Love



    Did you know puffins are monogamous?

    They usually mate for life and a couple can stay together for over 20 years! They raise their single chick (or puffling) over the course of summer and return every year to the same burrow with the same mate. They don’t make nests, they dig holes.

    In spring and summer, thousands of puffins gather in colonies on the coasts and islands of the North Atlantic Ocean to breed. They dig their holes (or burrows) using their beaks and feet. They prefer to make their burrows in earth or between rocks on steep cliffs so predators cannot easily reach them. The burrows can be up to three feet deep.


    This original painting is:

    • a handmade item
    • 9"x12"x.125" (12 x 15 x 0.5 in frame)   
    • painted on flat Gessobord panel
    • signed by the artist

    See related painting: "Puffin Perch"


    * NOTE: Image colors may vary somewhat from the original due to natural display differences in computer monitors

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