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Ahhh, the State Fair!

Ahhh, the State Fair... Good times: deliciously unhealthy food, crowds, livestock, rides and... ART!

I'm happy to say that two of my recent works have been juried in for the 2017 SC State Fair Fine Art Competition. What the heck does "juried in" mean? For art competitions, a single judge is called a Juror. A group of judges that works together is called a Jury Panel. Art entered into juried competitions have their works reviewed and either "juried in" which means it is good enough to meet their standards and qualifies to compete. Art works which are not deemed appropriate or worthy are "juried out" meaning they will not be exhibited or considered in the competition. So, my two pieces were judged worthy to compete for potential awards and be exhibited at the fair this year. I'm thankful for the recognition!

The two pieces I've entered are "Ahead of the Storm" and "Charleston Harbor".

The fair runs from October 11th to the 22nd this year. Hopefully you'll get to go over and have some fun. Be a kid for the day again! :-). There are a lot of really great pieces from a wide range of artists so check it out while you're there.

Find out more about the SC State Fair by clicking HERE.

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