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On the Road Again

Travel like an artist meme - photo credit:

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

~ Susan Sontag

After such a long hiatus from travel due to COVID, we've gotten back on the road again with a vengeance - this month anyway!

Nothing quite as exotic as our African adventure, but we've been on the road more than home and will be throughout September. We had a wedding to attend and took a long and winding drive up to Michigan and back, with lovely little stops all along the way. We head out again soon to spend a week at the beach with dear friends, then about a week after that we will fly back to Michigan for Brian's high school reunion. Phew!

I'm deeply grateful for all the travel opportunities I've had in my life and I'm a firm believer that travel will broaden your perspectives by helping you experience the world as others live it. Even if it is something as simple as visiting another county or state, it helps to see the world through others' eyes for a bit.

It is definitely true though, that oil painting while traveling can be hard. There are a lot of extra things you need to bring to be able to paint while on the road. Cleanup can be a challenge and oil paintings take a good while to dry so you also have to deal with toting around wet paintings afterward. It can be done, but it's a lot of extra work and stuff to carry. This is especially true when flying is involved since some oil materials are not permitted on planes.

I do like to keep my painting senses tuned while traveling though. For years, I have loved to do random sketching while on the road, whenever I get a little time. Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than losing yourself in doing a drawing. It's amazing how much a quick sketch can really help to capture the feeling of being there and enhance memories of the trip.

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Sometimes I get more ambitious and work with watercolor or gouache paints. Since they are water based, they have easy cleanup and dry fast. They are not my primary medium, so I feel like I still wear training wheels when using them, but it's fun.

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Fall is always the busy season for art showing. I currently have artwork exhibited at the Heirloom Art Gallery in Winnsboro, SC for the Fairfield Arts Council Birds Exhibition, and other pieces headed in the next few weeks to shows in Union and the State Fair. You can always see the list of upcoming shows and exhibitions on my website. Go by and see my artwork in person if you get a chance.


That’s it for now. Time to get a little more painting done while I'm still at home with my easel for a bit.

As always, I am deeply grateful for your support of my art journey!

Until next time,



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