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Plants and Animals, Oh my!

I'm happy to say that I've recently completed and posted several new works!

Must be my naturalist leanings - I've been on a plants and animals kick lately in my painting subjects. The Painted Bunting is the latest in my Colorful Birds series. I love these little guys. I think they must be the most colorful birds in our area and it's always exciting to see them.

This view of the Saluda River is one of the loveliest spots in Saluda Shoals Park I think. It's so peaceful to sit on the bench near this spot and just take it all in on a beautiful day like this one. This one is my biggest work yet at 18x24 and I find I really enjoyed its size.

And, this sweet little guy is an Aeonium "Kiwi". I find I'm drawn to succulents these days. I have mixed results on getting them to survive and thrive though. Sometimes painting them is easier!

You can see all of my available works at

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