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Shhh... It's a secret

Shhh... It's a secret.

I’ve been working hard on a commission recently. It’s a surprise gift, so no photos until the recipient gets it.

That doesn’t mean nothing else has been happening though! I’ve been busy creating monotype paper prints for use in creating textured, layered background surfaces and digital reference prep for future paintings.

I’m thrilled to report that, in addition to the commission piece, several of my works have sold recently (“Saluda River View”, “Kiss of Color” and “What’s Up, Duck?”). It’s always exciting when someone falls in love with one of my pieces! Two of these have gone to out of state homes again. I don’t know why (my ongoing addiction to checking things off on lists, I suppose) but it makes me happy to add another state. My art is spread across 7 states and 2 Canadian provinces now. Don’t worry, I love my local collectors too!!!

My next event will be me working live, doing plein air paintings at Doko Farm as part of the 2019 Richland County Ag+Art Tour on Saturday June 29 (10am-4pm) and Sunday June 30 (1-5pm). Come by and see how the sausage (I mean painting), is made.

"Happy Hog" mixed media painting by Barbara Teusink
"Happy Hog"

I’ll have completed works (like this happy little hog) available to view and/or buy as well. I hope to see some of you there!

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