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Some days you just feel like being absurd or ridiculous. Since the 1500's, the term "hare-brained" might apply. I've had rabbits on my mind lately. Who knows why, but they've been calling me to paint them. It made me think of this phrase and where it came from so, I called on my good friend, Google. Turns out it is an incredibly old phrase indeed, meaning loosely that you are sillier or less sensible than a hare. When the phrase originated, "Hare" was used for all rabbit like creatures but today, hares are distinguished from rabbits by their larger size, longer ears, and longer hind legs. They also tend to live alone or in pairs in above-ground nests, whereas rabbits often live together in groups of up to 20 in underground tunnels known as warrens. Another important difference between hares and rabbits is the way their young are born. Hares are born covered in fur and with open eyes, but rabbits are born furless, blind, and helpless. I just love that painting leads me to explore and learn cool new facts like this about nature.

Ok, to be honest, I'm a fairly pragmatic and stable person so this rarely describes me. But getting creative means sometimes stepping outside that box and trying things out "just because" so you can see what might happen! Lately, for me that means trying to work more in a series. That is where I paint multiple versions of the same subject or theme. So, when Hares started calling to me, I decided to paint more than one. Will there be more? I'm not sure yet. I have to see where the muse leads...

Related piece in the Hare series:

In other news...

Original Oil painting of two pink pigs, one facing forward and one facing backward, by Barbara Teusink
Pig Tales

My painting "Pig Tales" was recently featured in the Fairfield County Art Council "Anything Agricultural" show. It was also included in the Fairfield County Ag + Art fundraising dinner. It is a thrill to say that it was one of six pieces sold at the auction! Thirty percent of the sale price goes directly to help fund the Ag + Art program. What a great way to give back and help support this event that I love!

Recent Sales

Several other new pieces have recently sold as well. I am very grateful to be able to share my art with you and am always thrilled when someone loves a piece and chooses to add it to their collection and home. THANK YOU!!!

Video snippet of crocus painting in progress

On My Easel

Several new pieces are currently in the works:

  • a new floral featuring beautiful spring crocuses

  • a brilliant sunset lake commission

  • a large new coastal marsh scene

Stay tuned!


If you are interested in adding a custom piece to your collection, please let me know. I have an opening in my upcoming commissions schedule for the summer.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my messages. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Or, just say Hi. I like it when people say hi!

handwritten word: Barbara


Please help me share my art with more people!

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